DC Out 2021 Dancer Scholarships

Through the generosity of our dance community, DC Out has established a Dancer Scholarship Fund to offer funding for dancers who wish to attend our Labor Day weekend event but are financially constrained.



Purpose of the Scholarship

The scholarship is intended to provide members of the LGBTQ dance community who may find the costs associated with event registration and/or travel prohibitive, an opportunity to attend the event and expand their dance knowledge via financial assistance and a reduced-hours volunteer pass.

Qualifications for the Scholarship

  • Demonstrated involvement in an LGBTQ dance community.
  • Need of financial assistance.
  • Interest in gaining dance knowledge and skills at DC Out.



  • Priority consideration when awarding scholarships will be given to
    • - Applicants who have not received financial assistance in the past.
    • - Applicants that have not previously attended DC Out.
  • It is strongly recommended that grant recipients have roommates to share hotel expenses.


If awarded the recipient agrees to:

  • Volunteer for a 3-hour shift during the event weekend in exchange for a full weekend pass.


If awarded the Scholarship will pay:

  • A $150 USD stipend for those living locally (within a 100 mile radius of the event) toward reimbursement of hotel expenses, or
  • Up to $650 USD stipend for those not living locally (more than 100 miles from the event) toward reimbursement of hotel and transportation expenses.



Please submit the following information by Monday, August 2, 2021 to [email protected]


Have you attended DC Out in the past? If so, what years.

Please tell us about your experience in the LGBTQ dance community.

Please explain how and why financial assistance would be helpful to you. (No need to provide detailed numbers or financial statements.)

Please tell us about why you’d like to attend DC Out 2021 and how you feel your experience at the event would contribute to your dancing and/or your dance community. (For example, how you might better contribute to the advancement of LGBTQ and/or open-role dancing.)