Theme Nights

Each night at DC Out features a different theme for our attendees to play with. (Of course, themes are optional and everyone is welcome regardless of what you wear.)

Thursday: Casual

Casual, there are no rules, wear anything!!

Friday: Fairies & Gods

Come dressed in your favorite capes, wings, danceable trains or tails.

Saturday: Illuminate the Night

Sunday: Jungle Red


DC Out wants every dancer who attends to feel like they've had the opportunity to truly upgrade their dance skills during the weekend. We offer classes not only for beginners -- including an amazing, four class "west coast swing bootcamp" -- but also for local LGBTQ teachers and competitors who are looking for content that will really challenge them, and everyone in between. Please check the schedule and read our level descriptions for more info!

Practicing & Private Lessons

Want to practice what you've been learning or take a private lesson? DC Out provides a couple of extra small rooms for this purpose. Contact our teaching staff via FB before the event to arrange a private lesson. Our afternoon Tea Dances are also a great time to practice!


Save your pennies! Below is a list of DC Out's 2019 vendors.  Stay tuned for a list of 2021 vendors.

Music & DJs

As a crossover swing, country and line event, DC Out strives to play something for everyone!

Below are the 2019 DJs.  2021 DJs are to be determined.

The main ballroom features country-western couples and line mix during afternoon tea dances and during prime time in the evenings. Around 11:00pm the main ballroom begins to shift to a "California mix" with a bit more swing. At 1:00am the party moves to a more intimate space and the music shifts to swing with occasional other styles mixed in.

In addition, John Festa hosts a Blues and Soul party in the main ballroom on Friday from 7:00 - 8:30pm. The other DJs spinning in the main ballroom and for latenight swing include: John Festa, Louis St. George, Hank Whitmire, and Kelli Kilgore.