2021 Schedule Coming Soon

Below is the 2019 Schedule, so you can get a sense of what the  2021 schedule will be like!

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*** Couples Class Level Descriptions *** We ask all dancers to take classes best suited to their level for each style, as described below. Less experienced dancers are welcome to observe higher level classes but asked not to participate, as it is disruptive to other dancers’ learning experience. If you are unsure, check personally with the instructor beforehand.

Beginner – These classes are designed for first time dancers or those new to the offered style.
Intermediate – These classes are designed for dancers who have mastered the basic concepts of the style and are ready to expand their repertoire of moves and/ or work on technique. Not appropriate for first time/ inexperienced dancers.
Advanced – These classes are designed for dancers who have been social dancing in the style for several years and are ready for more advanced concepts such as syncopated rhythms, advanced styling, complex movements or multiple turns.
Expert – These classes are designed for dancers who are considered experts in their community such as local dance teachers or competitors. The classes will be extremely challenging and fast-paced.


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