Instructor_JohnRobinsonJohn discovered country dancing in 1993 while visiting Nashville for a work-related trade show. He started taking lessons and dancing socially at the Grizzly Rose Saloon in Green Bay, Wisconsin. By 1995, John was instructing freestyle couples, pattern partner, and line dances three nights a week to hundreds of eager students. He introduced west coast swing and cha cha to the area, as well as line dances from (then) up-and-coming choreographers such as Scott Blevins.

In 1998, John decided to become a full-time traveling instructor. Since then, he has toured the United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan; with additional appearances in Austria, Canada, Finland, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Singapore, and Sweden.

Choreographer, and Favorite Line Dance Instructor (which he won in 2004 and 2008). John has also received seven Dancers Choice Awards for Male Instructor, Male Choreographer, Male Personality, and Show Stopper. In 2008, he was inducted into the Linedancer Magazine Hall of Fame.

Several of John’s dances have been nominated for (and won) awards. His “Good Night Groove” and “Ready 4U” took first and second place out of 100 entries at the Dance Team Showdown in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. His signature dance “Dangerous” received an Outstanding Dance Achievement Award in Canada.

“Dangerous,” “Switchblade USA,” “Hot Potato,” and the worldwide hit “Slow Burn” (co-choreographed with Kathy Hunyadi) all received nominations for Dance of the Year in the Linedancer Magazine Crystal Boot Awards. The UCWDC used “Red Zone” and “Jive Walkin’” in its classic line dance competitions. Most recently, “Call Me Baby” and “Hootenanny” were two of the most taught dances of 2013.

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