Instructor_EricaSmithErica Smith is a versatile dancer from Beltsville, MD with extensive backgrounds in ballet, hustle, salsa and west coast swing. In 2007, TV Guide Magazine coined Erica the “Disco-Dancing Lawyer” after appearing on “So You Think You Can Dance.” In 2008, Erica won a US Open Swing Dance title in the Strictly Hand Dance division. In 2010, Erica pioneered and co-choreographed the first ever Hustle Flash Mob and in 2015, Erica was inducted into the Hustle Hall of Fame.

Erica is a World Professional Triple Threat Champion (WCS, Salsa and Hustle), Professional Just Hustle Champion, US Open Hand Dance Champion and an accomplished All-Star/Professional west coast swing competitor. In addition to competing, Erica is very passionate about sharing her love of dance with her students. Erica is a 13 time Top Teacher recipient. Erica is a brilliant dancer who guarantees to leave an impression on her audiences and her students.


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