​A native of Bogota, Colombia, Elkin Guerra Najar discovered tango while studying to become a sociologist. For the past 14 years, he has pursued tango whole-heartedly through teaching, DJing, performing and social dancing. While at university in Bogota, he had an Argentine Tango performance company for 4 years. Since then, he has lived in Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and now New York City. On his most recent trip to Buenos Aires, he DJed at Salon Canning, one of the most important tango venues in the world. He has danced and DJed in tango festivals in Europe, Russia and Colombia, and returns regularly to Buenos Aires to further develop his dance. His style is fluid and fun, so come check out his two workshops with Sidney Grant at DC Out!

Sidney Grant is the 2011 USA Argentine Tango Champion, which was the first time a North American and openly gay man won the competition. In 2016, he and his partner Claudio Marcelo Vidal were the VERY FIRST same-sex male couple in the 2016 USA Argentine Tango Championships, advancing all the way to the finals! Sid has taught and performed both nationally and globally, including Istanbul, Hong Kong, London, Paris and Buenos Aires. His teaching style is known for its organic approach to the close-embrace connection that is unique to the Argentine Tango. Sid is also Founder/Artistic Director of a non-competitive arts-in-education initiative in NYC called BALLROOM BASIX™. Since its inception in 2008, his program has touched the young lives of over 11,000 schoolchildren in more that 60 different schools, improving conduct and cooperation among classmates and thereby deterring bullying and the isolating effects of today’s technology by getting kids hand-in-hand and eye-to-eye.

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